Privacy Policy

Aertv powered by Magnet is a service operated by Magnet Networks.

What data do we keep?
The data you have provided us with upon registration is securely stored on our servers, and only you can get access to it when you supply your username and password. Magnet Networks does not have access to your password, and it is your responsibility to keep it secure to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

Your usage of the service is monitored by Magnet Networks for quality control purposes. This helps us to better understand the usage of Aertv and to help us provide an efficient and reliable service. This information is not shared with any other parties, but we do collect anonymous data for monitoring the uptake of the service.

Where you elect to purchase additional content on the service (e.g. a TV Subscription) the information required to complete the purchase is sent over to our systems over a secure connection. All information held by Magnet Networks is under the terms of their privacy statement at

We do not store any credit card details if you use it to purchase any additional products on our site.

Integration with third party sites
We provide the facility to let you link some of your social networks into Aertv. You control the access that we have to this information and can withdraw it any time by going to your account on the social network site and de-authorizing our access to your data from there. All data sent to our servers is secure using SSL to encrypt all traffic between you and our servers.

Removal of your account
Should you wish to have your account and associated data removed, please use the “Contact Us” section to request this.

Please read our Terms of Use
Use of the Service is subject to Magnet’s Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with this. In the event of a conflict or disagreement between this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use, the Terms of Use will prevail.

The effective date of this policy is 20th September 2011